Teachers need other teachers. This is not a job to be done alone.

At Trilogy Mentors, we are a team of educators with over 75 years of collective experience that we leverage to help you and your students succeed. With relationships as our core value, we view our software licensees as academic and business partners who we continuously support through webinars, tutor education, and a tutor community.

Technology should empower relationship-building, not get in the way of it.

Does this describe you…?

If so, you don’t have to go it alone. At Trilogy, we get to know you as an individual/ organization and build a relationship with you that you can count on.

    How It Works

    Step 1

    Join the Community

    When you license our software you are invited to join Trilogy’s Educator Facebook Community- a network of fellow educators and business owners. The community is a place for you to participate in discussions, share resources, ask questions, and develop meaningful relationships that can help grow your business and help you continuously improve as an instructor.

      Step 2

      Attend Webinars

      We host bi-monthly webinars for licensees focused on using Trilogy’s software to improve your business processes and teach more effectively online. As our product continues to improve we enthusiastically share new features as they are released. These webinars are recorded and shared in the Community. View our Webinar Library

      Step 3

      Participate in Workshops

      With Trilogy you not only get software. You also get access to educators who are experienced in using the software to teach effectively online. We’ve been in your shoes and have learned strategies to use technology as a tool to enhance meaningful student learning and are excited to share strategies and best practices that we’ve learned.

      Register your tutoring team for a Virtual Workshop

       Best Practices For Engaging Students in Online Learning 


      • Identify strategies to cultivate engagement (including behavioral, cognitive, and emotional components) that lead to rich learning experiences. 
      • Engage in discussion about the differences between in-person and online instruction, potential learning challenges, and options for minimizing these issues including expectation setting. 
      • Review and incorporate the best practices and strategies for online learning experiences that are engaging, effective, and informative for both the student and instructor. 

      *Note: We only 4 workshops each month with a limit of 10 participants per 60 minute workshop

        Meet the Trainer Erika Carson Ed.S

        Erika Carson has over 15 years in education and training. Her integrative approach to learning technology has allowed her to create a breadth of content for developing formal and informal education programs across K-12, higher education, and education professionals.

        Early in her career, Erika transitioned from being a corporate QA/UX/HCI specialist to an education specialist.
        This transition afforded her a unique perspective on learner engagement.

        Her graduate work in education informs her user experience philosophy allowing her to fluidly support all learners’ needs, especially for students suffering from “chemo brain” and/or other cognitive impairments resulting from medical treatments.

        Erika is an active consultant, speaker, mentor, and program developer for multiple organizations in her community.

        Trilogy Mentors platform has everything you need to succeed