Don’t let technology or lack of business experience prevent you from tutoring online.

We teach you how to launch and grow your tutoring business as well as provide a software solution that empowers you to succeed. 

You want to launch and/or grow your tutoring business but…


  • Don’t have any students
  • Lack business experience/expertise
  • Need help outlining policies/ pricing
  • Aren’t sure how to create and position your brand

Let our experienced team provide you with the building blocks for creating and growing your dream tutoring business.

How It Works


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Launch and Grow
Your Business

Tutoring Business Bootcamp Course Outline

Interactive Webinars

sBusiness Bootcamp is a webinar series. Each course runs 90 minutes.

Each live session help us to:
– Understand where you are in your journey
– Tailor the overall experience to provide the greatest value
– Facilitate discussions and encourage networking


Intro to Launching a Tutoring Business

  • Understand and define your business’s mission and vision
  • Identify your niche in the tutoring market
  • Identify strategies for overcoming your fears around starting a business


Logistics of Running a Tutoring Business

  • Structure and write your business plan
  • Understand business entities and select the best fit for you
  • Identify and select the best tools for operating your business


Finding Your First Student

  • Identify and create your own sales enablement tools (email templates, social media posts, flyers)
  • Create a prospect list to help you obtain your first customer
  • Develop your initial marketing and sales plan


 The 4 Ps of Tutoring:
Pedagogy, Preparation, Practice, Patience

  • Outline your tutoring contract with policies and client expectations. 
  • Understand and implement best practices and safety guidelines for teaching online (HIPPA, COPPA & FERPA)
  • Identify strategies for handling basic customer service inquiries

What is your Return on Investment (ROI)?


  • Detailed Business Plan and Mission Statement
  • Plan for choosing your business entity and insurance policy 
  • Clear strategy to acquire your first customer
  • Marketing and Sales plan to help communicate your offering
  • Plan for handling “the unexpected” during tutoring lessons

Ready to start building your business?

Freelance Tutor

$39.99/month  $15/month


  • 1 Admin/Instructor

  • Unlimited students

  • Unlimited sessions

  • 1-on-1 online classroom

  • Built-in scheduling

  • Automated notifications

  • In-app messaging

  • Portfolio file storage

  • Post-session reports

  • Data Insights

  • Fast & reliable support

  • Recorded sessions

  • Private Facebook Educator Community access

  • Free bi-monthly webinars

  • “Office Hours” – Q&A with Trilogy’s educator team

  • Discounted Professional Development training

Trilogy Mentors platform has everything you need to succeed

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