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For Both Students And Parents, One-On-One Academic Mentorship Is More Than Just Homework And Grades.

My child has come a long way since starting with Trilogy Mentors. We can see a difference in his processing speed along with his confidence…

Janet B.

We tried several mentors, but nothing seemed to work until we tried Trilogy Mentors. This has changed everything. Her grades have gone from high “C” to low “A.”

Daniel L.

I would recommend this program to children who need extra help with their schoolwork. My son developed a love for learning and curiosity about the world around him…

Andrea H.

“My child looks forward to working with her mentor and doing her homework and missed classwork. As we move into spring sports, it allows her to continue getting tutoring without us having to travel to a physical location.”

— Deborah B. (Trilogy Parent)

“I love seeing that “light bulb” moment online. Sometimes it’s as simple as realizing that going to bed a little earlier, or going to office hours, actually makes a difference. Other times, it’s solving a problem that a student has been struggling with.”

— Steven S. (Trilogy Parent)

“My mentor explains things in different ways. If I don’t get one way she will try to put it another way and keep doing that until I get it.”

— Lauren B. (Trilogy Student)

Transforming Tutoring Through Online Academic Mentorship

Trilogy’s online learning platform connects students to academic support anytime, anywhere.

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