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Trilogy Offers The Only All-In-One Software Solution For Tutoring Companies And Private Schools

Implement A Turn-Key Online Solution That Includes:

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Every Account also includes:

  • Unlimited students
  • 1-on-1 online classroom
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Automated notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Portfolio file storage
  • Post-session reports
  • Data Insights
  • Fast & reliable customer support
  • Private Facebook Educator Community access
  • Administrator Training

Unrivaled 1-0n-1 Academic Software

User Management

Trilogy’s turn-key platform allows tutoring companies and private schools to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of their programs without the constraints of geography, specialized teachers, or technical staff. All users profiles (students, parents, instructors) are easily managed in an intuitive administrative dashboard.

Scale Via Online Sessions

Trilogy’s fully integrated online classroom allows both parties to see one another while interacting via the on-screen virtual whiteboard. Cameras capture both the student and instructor while file management and touch screen technology enables seamless academic practice. In the background, all aspects of a session are being recorded and are made available in the archive.

Make Parents Happy

The parent/guardian portal is a separate login from the student account, allowing the parent/guardian to easily track progress without disrupting sessions. Trilogy’s platform allows for full transparency into the emotional and educational growth of the student by providing each parent/guardian an archive of all session videos, post session reports, session related files, and more.


Trilogy’s platform allows for the easy creation and review of post session reports which are made available to parents and program administrators. The system also tracks program and session data, student feedback, and payroll for licensees.

Your Logo

Trilogy’s clean user interface allows for licensees to easily display their logo on each page within the application for every user. Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure that your logo is properly displayed as desired.

Make Scheduling Easy

The Trilogy scheduling system takes the full burden of scheduling out of the hands of program administrators allowing instructors to manage session times directly with their respective students. In addition to online sessions, the platform also helps you manage in-person scheduling and last-minute cancellations.


In some cases, a licensee of our platform does not have the number of academic mentors required to staff or scale their program. Trilogy Mentors works directly with the client to fill positions in any and/or all needed mentor positions. The staffing program is a great client benefit, especially when clients are missing key specialties (like foreign language, or higher levels of mathematics).

Trilogy Mentors platform has everything you need to succeed

Trilogy Software benefits

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