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My Mentor Series: Meet Trinity F.

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Published: June 26, 2019

Explore the Impact of Academic Mentorship
“My Mentor…” posts are short pieces written by members of the Trilogy community to highlight their passion and the mentors that had an impact in their lives. This post is written by Trinity F! A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, her first love has always been teaching and sharing science. She’s taught engineering and STEM lessons at the Science Museum of Virginia with middle-schoolers, environmental education lessons in natural parks on Nantucket Island with the Maria Mitchell Association, and more recently, led experiential science lessons in the form of field trips to the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Library and Information Science with the ambition of becoming a plant science librarian. Trinity looks forward to the new method and audience for sharing her passion for science with others.

Why Is Education Important To You?
Nothing inspires a child more than natural curiosity and I have had the opportunity to harness that energy and educate students in science lessons in a wide range of settings ranging from kayaks to classrooms. The role of education in many lives is often centered around learning details to pass tests, but I savor all opportunities to tailor lessons to broaden horizons and not just increase test scores. Showing the possibilities that can arise from working hard to develop certain skills with real-life results, lifestyles, and careers is a goal whenever I work with children. Memorizing the parts of an animal cell may help with getting a better grade in school, but the true meaning comes with showing the connection between how studying the organelles translates to becoming a cell biologist and working towards preventing or curing cancer. Showing the doors that are possible to open and their corresponding keys is the true purpose of education.


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