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Summer of COVID

COVID-19 has flipped the world on its head. Tutoring companies have a rare opportunity, and we have a strategy to help you turn disruption into life-changing success.

Great Customers

Trilogy’s technology is used by top private schools, tutoring companies, and non-profit academic support programs.

Our Philosophy

Empowering (1. student, 2. academic-mentor, and 3. parent/guardian) is the trilogy and focus of everything we do. Each successful person has a story to share about a mentor that took the time (one-on-one) to believe in him or her. All learners deserve the opportunity to experience a mentor that drives academic progress, inspires confidence, and propels lifelong intellectual curiosity. If students have a safe and inspiring place to learn, they can unlock unforeseen potential.

Unrivaled 1-0n-1 Academic Platform

Virtual Classroom

Trilogy’s fully integrated online classroom allows both parties to see one another while interacting via the on-screen virtual whiteboard. Cameras capture both the student and instructor while file management and touch screen technology enables seamless academic practice.  In the background, all aspects of a session are being recorded and are made available in the archive.

Parent / Guardian Portal

The parent/guardian portal is a separate login from the student account, allowing the parent/guardian to easily track progress without disrupting sessions. Trilogy’s platform allows for full transparency into the emotional and educational growth of the student by providing each parent/guardian an archive of all session videos, post session reports, session related files, and more.

Advanced Reports

Trilogy’s platform allows for the easy creation and review of post session reports which are made available to parents and program administrators. The system also tracks program and session data, student feedback, and payroll for licensees.


Freelance Tutors

Platform Licensing For

Tutoring Companies
& Private Schools

Trilogy Mentors platform has everything you need to succeed

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