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Trilogy Provides One-on-One Academic Mentorship For Learners

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For Both Students And Parents, One-On-One Academic Mentorship Is More Than Just Homework And Grades.

Trilogy Parent

My child has come a long way since starting with Trilogy Mentors. We can see a difference in his processing speed along with his confidence…

Trilogy Parent
Trilogy Parent

We tried several mentors, but nothing seemed to work until we tried Trilogy Mentors. This has changed everything. Her grades have gone from high “C” to low “A.”

Trilogy Parent
Trilogy Parent

I would recommend this program to children who need extra help with their schoolwork. My son developed a love for learning and curiosity about the world around him…

Trilogy Parent

Why Trilogy

Unlike other tutoring companies, Trilogy thrives on the following advantages:

Transparency & Safety

Trilogy’s parent/guardian portal allows for full transparency into the emotional and educational growth of each student.

Not Just A Tutor

Trilogy’s mentors go beyond classwork, they build confidence, inspire goal setting, and improve time management as well.

Learn From Anywhere

With Trilogy, all a student needs is a computer and an internet connection.



Our process of matching students with mentors is focused on both academics and personality.

Quality Mentors

Our vetting process allows us to hire only the cream of the crop academic mentors. Beyond the application and interview, we also do background checks.

Education Parity

Trilogy innovates with specialists to create equitable value for students with handicaps and learning differences

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